Before we commence production, we always try our best to understand the STORY that we want to tell. Once the story has been clearly defined, we endeavor to choose the best tools with which to work. If we don’t have an appropriate piece of equipment, we either rent it, buy it or build it. Below is our current tool list.


Hero GoPro HD w/ various mounts
Canon 5D Mark II
Blackmagicdesign Cinema Camera
Canon C300 Digital Cinema Camera (available through FiveSix Prods.)
Canon L Series Lenses: 8-15mm fisheye/4 // 16-35mm/2.8 // 24-70mm/2.8 // 70-200mm/2.8 // 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens
Zeiss Makro/Planar T* 50mm/2.0
SmallHD DP6 Monitor

Camera Support:

Kessler/Phillip Bloom Pocket Dolly Slider (3 feet)
DitoGear OmniSlider w/Motion Control (5 feet)
eMotimo PT Motion Control Pan/Tilt Head
Glideshot Compact Camera Jib
Redrock Micro Handheld Support DSLR Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle w/Follow Focus :Blue
Steadicam Flyer LE (available through FiveSix Prods.)
Vinten Vision Blue Fluid Head + sticks / Benro monopod w/ballhead
Additional tripods and various
specialized support rigs


(2) G3 Sennheiser Lav Mics
ElectroVoice Hand-held Cardioid Mic
Sennheiser ME-66 Shotgun Mic
Juiced Link Audio Preamp
K-Tek Boom Pole


FloLight LED Microbeams (1)1024 + (2)512
Arri Light Kit (2)650s + (2)300s w/ Chimera Lightbank (not shown)
Litepanels MicroPro LED on-camera light
Assorted C-Stands, Supports, Flags, & Reflectors


MacPro Dual-Quad Processors / 8Gb RAM / Unlimited, Scalable Storage, FinalCut Pro 7, Adobe CS6 Production Premium Suite: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects (with every imaginable plugin), Photoshop Extended, Audition, SpeedGrade, Prelude, Illustrator®, Encore®, Flash® Professional CS6Media Encoder and Bridge.